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Transmission Services in Fort Saskatchewan

Consult the Transmission Experts
If your vehicle is experiencing any of the following symptoms you should consult the transmission experts at Victoray Transmission Rebuilders right away for diagnosis and assistance with transmission services in Fort Saskatchewan.

Transmission gears

Difficult to Interpret
There are a number of symptoms your car might exhibit that indicate transmission problems. These symptoms can be difficult to interpret without professional guidance. Some can be taken care of with a minor adjustment, while others will require extensive repairs or even replacement.

Transmission parts

The Cure for Your Car
Our team is made up of long time talented transmission repair specialists. Our goal is to help you understand your options and navigate your way towards finding a transmission repair solution at the right transmission repair cost.

Signs of a Transmission Problem

Engine Light is Lit: “Check Engine” or “Service Engine” light is showing on your dashboard.

Noises: Unusual clanking, grating, screeching or grinding sounds emanating from under the hood or at the rear of the car.

Hesitation When Cold: When the engine is cold the transmission doesn’t engage, or exhibits a noticeable delay before shifting.

Slipping: Vehicle moves slowly or doesn’t accelerate normally.

Stalling: Vehicle stalls or hesitates on takeoff.

Not Engaging: Nothing happens when you shift into Drive or Reverse.

Leaks: You find fresh fluid stains under your vehicle.

Loss of Power: Vehicle does not accelerate quickly when you press the gas; passing gear doesn’t function.

Erratic Shifting: You notice early, late, or unexpected shifting.

Sticky Shift Handle: It is difficult to move your gearshift out of any position.

Jerkiness: Vehicle “jumps” or moves when in Park or Neutral.

Unusual odor: A burning or rancid odor is coming from your vehicle.

Metal Shavings: Inspect the transmission pan for debris and worn bits of metal.

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